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Smash*ing the Jubilee and Leap day

I got 2 new Smash* books yesterday from Cullen Crafts so I decided that I would use the Green one for Random stuff and the Blue one for my boys. I thought it was about time I did something with the photos I took on Leap Day. The boys and I went geocaching in the morning before school in order to get the souvenir badge on our page. We got 3 First to Find badges in the process. I then went on to meet up with a bunch of really nice people from the Moray Geocachers group who I had met on Facebook. I just had to bring back some of the cake for the boys to eat as they missed out on the lunch.

Leap Day Smash* layout about geocaching

My Second layout is a Diamond Jubilee one. I wanted to have something to remember the event although we didn’t really do anything for it here except watch it on the TV. The pictures are ones I found on the internet and printed out just to do a page with.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Smash* page


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  1. I love your idea of using the two books for different themes.I’m impressed with the geocaching find-me and son tried it and struggled to find anything!Love the Jubilee page.

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