Altoids Inserts Fairy Tale Frames


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Sweet! A set of THREE inserts, each with 2 options for layered label holders (so 9 pieces)! You can stack up both of the label holders or just use one (and maybe use the other on the outside of the Altoids Tin cover). See below for a link to the Fairy Tale Titles Collage Sheet with text to fit in the label holders.

These are custom cut to fit inside an Altoid's tin (well.. the blank ones, an actual Altoid's tin is a hair wider than the blank ones). Laser cut from medium weight chipboard.

Instructions: You have to kinda tilt the insert to slip it in. Then hook a finger inside and pull it forward to snug it up against the front. It stays put pretty well but I would add glue to it for a permanent assembly.


Fairy Tale Frames Altoid Inserts Set

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