10 inch Bay Window


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This custom bay window extension fits the width of the window on the Storefront Room Boxes.

Extra picture shows the window on the front of a Storefront Room Box but the Room Boxes are sold separately here.

10" tall (the height allows signage above the window, as the facades on the room boxes are 12" tall).

Note the open rectangular area on the back of the bay window's "back wall": that's to let you view into the store (through the window already cut in the Storefront Room Box, or through a window you can cut yourself in the front, back or side of any of the room boxes). Or you can omit this feature and just glue the bay window onto a solid wall.

It has a solid bottom and an extra tabbed piece that glues inside to make a bottom for the window. It also has a solid top plus a roof that extends about 1/2" beyond the window structure (flush on the back and extends past the front and sides).

Cut from medium-weight chipboard. Assembly is required, but it's super easy as the windows and tabs are pre-cut (and the folds are scored).

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