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Smash*ing the Jubilee and Leap day

I got 2 new Smash* books yesterday from Cullen Crafts so I decided that I would use the Green one for Random stuff and the Blue one for my boys. I thought it was about time I did something with the photos I took on Leap Day. The boys and I went geocaching in the morning before school in order to get the souvenir badge on our page. We got 3 First to Find badges in the process. I then went on to meet up with a bunch of really nice people from the Moray Geocachers group who I had met on Facebook. I just had to bring back some of the cake for the boys to eat as they missed out on the lunch.

Leap Day Smash* layout about geocaching

My Second layout is a Diamond Jubilee one. I wanted to have something to remember the event although we didn’t really do anything for it here except watch it on the TV. The pictures are ones I found on the internet and printed out just to do a page with.

Queens Diamond Jubilee Smash* page


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Gone but not forgotten

R I P Dad

Some of you may have noticed that I havent blogged for a while, this isn’t because I didn’t have anything to show you all, but be cause sadly we lost my Dad to a fight against endocarditis. Dad had been ill for a long time with a condition called Hypertrophy Cardio Myopathy which we belive in turn led to this infection being fatal.

This man has played such a big part in my life, he taught me so many things such as how to fly a kite, how to ride a bike, how to fix and change a car engine, and several other things in between. If it wasn’t for Dad I don’t think I would ever have become involved in the Scout movement where I have met so many wonderful people over the years.

One thing he did teach me was to stand by your convictions, that if you believe in something strongly enough then you can usually find a way to make it happen.

R.I.P Dad, we will miss you but not forget you

R I P Dad

The poem was inside a card given to my Mum and it reads:


The images of me that have gone before

Are the images of me you will see no more,

For I am not visible to the naked eye

But I do not wish anyone to cry.


Just close your eyes and you will find

The images of me are in your mind.

Hold that image close to your heart And we will never be apart.

For I loved you and you loved me

And together we will always be.


Please think of me with joy and gladness

And clear your heart of any sadness.

The images are there for you to see

Just close your eyes and there I will be.